Wednesday, October 30, 2013

18 Weeks and Gender reveal!!!!!

Well I missed week 17, so decided to just go to 18.  What a FUN two weeks it has been.  I went to New York last week with my mom and had a blast!  I think it was perfect pregnancy planning.  I was out of first trimester so was able to eat more and had more energy but wasn't too far along that I was uncomfortable!  This week we also found out the Gender and had a gender reveal party :-)  So much fun!!!!

How Far AlongToday I am 18 weeks 3 days.

Size of Baby:  Up to an green pepper (I think that's what it said).  According to the ultrasound, the tech said the baby was 8 ounces and the doctor said 9 ounces.  So growing quite a bit and has doubled in size since week 16!

Maternity Clothes:   Oh yes.  I have embraced leggings and am ready for cool weather to sport them.  In New York I was able to pick up a few more shirts and feel a bit better.  I am trying not to purchase any more than needed because you are only in the clothes but for so long.  Unfortunately these two pregnancies were in different seasons, so I don't have appropriate clothing.  Also my internal furnace has not ignited yet and I still stay cool for the most part.

Gender:  Drum roll please.....Baby is a BOY.  To say we were SHOCKED is an understatement.  Haha.  Everyone thought he was a girl.  We were a little sad at first that we won't have a boy and a girl but quickly embraced the idea of two boys!!!  Josh said we saved a lot of money...ha!  Now time to start thinking names.  We HONESTLY have not thought of ONE name. 

Movement:  From week 16 to not feeling much we have movement now!  Week 17 is when I started feeling light movement.  towards the end of the week I started feeling it more consistently.  This week, 18 weeks I have really started to feel more strong movement!  It is beyond exciting.  In fact tonight I think I saw my belly jump out for the first time! 

Sleep:  Sleep is better but time to invest in a pregnancy pillow.  We lost ours from being pregnant with Garrett.  Those jokers are like 60 bucks, but I need it. 

What I miss:  Still miss deli meat. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Feeling the baby movement!

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Food aversions I'm having now are foods with red sauce.  It's what I love and crave but get crazy reflux afterward.  Still craving salty foods over sweet.  Really turn down sweets a lot...

Symptoms:  Nothing new...

Workouts:  Workouts are going great.  We walked all over New York and I still managed to gain 7lbs!  WHAT???  I busted out laughing and the mid-wife did not think it was that funny.  Well I had been in New York eating wonderful food.  She asked me if the scale could be right.  Well hopefully it will level off.  My next appointment isn't for 6 weeks.

Best moment this past week:  That's a tough one.  New York City was AMAZING!!!!  Memory forever.  We also found out that baby Dail is a BOY!  I will do a separate post on that when I get the pictures back from the gender reveal.  We did a small reveal with our parents and Garrett.  It was perfect!

Here is a picture of 18 weeks:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

16 Weeks

How Far Along16 weeks yesterday.  I waited until today to do the post because I had a doctor's appointment today.

Size of Baby:  Up to an Avacado!  4 and a half inches long and about 3.5 ounces.

Maternity Clothes:   Praise the Lord Josh found the missing box of maternity clothes!  It was like Christmas.  For real folks!  I still have a few small things that I may need to get but am going to try and make do with what I have!

Gender:  2 weeks from today.  These will probably be some of the longest 2 weeks I've had in awhile!  I know that I won't sleep the night before.  I never sleep the night before an appointment.

Movement:  I haven't had much as far as I know...Garrett was not a big mover so I'm hoping this little one will be.  I love the movement!  They say I should definitely be feeling movement by 20 weeks, so hopefully just another week or two and I will feel this little one!

Sleep:  Well this week hasn't been so good.  Last night was HORRIBLE.  As I mentioned earlier anytime I have an appointment I can't turn my brain off.  That thing runs NON STOP.  Non stop I tell you!  I wish it was all positive thoughts but fear creeps into me and I wish I could just stop it and enjoy this process.  I also caught a cold this week...GAH!  So I could only breath out of one side of my nose.  Prayers this ends soon.

What I miss:  I really really miss deli meat.  I would love a Jersey Mikes cold sub.  But only a few more months and I can make up on that :-)  I also miss a normal nutrition schedule.  I have problems with knowing how full I am without getting stuffed.  Sometimes I get stuffed fast and then feel like crap for hours afterward.  I can also go from not being hungry to wanting to eat the entire fridge in no time!

What I'm looking forward to:  Two weeks folks we find out the sex!

Cravings/Food Aversions:  I feel like I can eat more now.  I just go from feeling great to feeling blah in a snap of a finger.

Symptoms:  ONE WORD:  HORMONES.   Poor Josh, y'all pray for him...ha!  this past weekend I had some breakdowns over the silliest things (such as G making too much noise while Josh had cooked Maple and Brown sugar oatmeal.  That smell makes me want to vomit...he didn't know, does now OR the lady at Chick-fil-a that gave me a cookie sundae and I thought it was a hot whole cookie with ice cream...nope, old cookie crumbled.  I was not happy and that is so ridiculous)  hopefully this will calm down!

Workouts:  This week the weather has been rainy and cold EVERY DAY.  I'm sure that didn't help with the mood I was in.  SO I only got my 3 workouts in at ECU.  They were all 55 minutes each.  This week I want to get in 4 workouts.

Best moment this past week:  Finding dill pickle potato chips and dill pickle burger slices.  I just have to be careful about all the sodium...everything in moderation.  I would say the BEST moment was hearing Baby Dail's heartbeat this morning.  They were in the mid 140's. 

Still working on the posing of the "bump"  Looks like I covered it up here.  Also clearly I'm not a teacher, bless the crooked handwriting.  Hopefully I can start planning this better...but don't be surprised if it doesn't get much fancier :-)

Monday, October 7, 2013

15 Weeks!

How Far Along15 Weeks today!

Size of Baby:  We have moved up to the size of a small softball!  Crazy.

Maternity Clothes:   I've been trying to do some shopping here and there recently and really having a hard time!  I don't want to put a lot of money into maternity clothes that I will only wear for a few months.  The problem is that medium fits pretty good but a large is way too big.  I don't want to get the mediums because I'm afraid they won't fit later.  So continuing to wear the same things over and over again.

Gender:  Don't know yet.  Will find out October 29th.  Just a few weeks left!!!

Movement:  I think I started to feel something this past week.  It's not consistent, but there have been some flutters.

Sleep:  I sleep OK right now.  I had been sleeping pretty well, but last night could not sleep at all.  Not sure what was up with that!  Hoping to get back to sleeping better.  I have been catching up on the weekend by taking naps.  Hopefully this week I can  get a midweek quick nap.  Luckily my parents live within 3 minutes from where I work so I can eat quickly and lay down for about 35 minutes.  Usually just enough sleep to rest up.

What I miss:  I really really miss deli meat.  I would love a Jersey Mikes cold sub.  But only a few more months and I can make up on that :-) 

What I'm looking forward to:  Next Tuesday we have our next appointment and I get to hear the heartbeat again!

Cravings/Food Aversions:  It is interesting that I don't enjoy sweets as much as I thought I would.  There is ice cream in the freezer that would have lasted less than a week that's been in there at least a month!  Food has been strange this go round.  Not really craving sweets, more salty.  Went through a pizza crave and finally got a Papa John's pizza!  SO YUMMY!!  I started off eating almonds and enjoyed the thought of almonds make me want to vomit!  I also can't stand the thought of plain wheat thins.  So strange!

Symptoms:  Nausea in the beginning.  That is starting to die down.  Exhaustion has been ridiculous!  Hoping that will get better. 

Workouts:  I started my study at ECU tonight and it is basically a 5 minute warm up, followed by 45 minutes of brisk walking and then a 5 minute cool down.  I am also trying to get an extra workout in during the week.

Best moment this past week:  The bump appeared and I think I am starting to feel the baby move!

No picture this week, I've decided to do every other week :-)

Friday, October 4, 2013

PSA on things not to say to a pregnant woman (or any woman for that fact)

Well I'm only 14 weeks in and am already appalled by the crazy stuff that people feel is appropriate to say.  Honestly I can really say I'm only 3 weeks out because I only announced being pregnant when I was 11 weeks!  I would also like to say I'm not fishing for compliments!
I've been writing this stuff down and was going to do this list last week but glad I waited because a few more morons came along for me to add some additional stuff.  I will say that these all came from men, although some women do not have a filter either and I wouldn't put it past them.

1.  "DANG GIRL YOU ARE BIG!"  this was when the bump was just beginning to appear and I had put on maybe like 2-3 lbs.  I definitely had a bump but BIG I think not.  Seriously! 

2.  "Don't think that wearing black is going to slim that...".  This is when I was wearing a snug black dress that I was not trying to conceal anything...I was actually proud of my mini bump and was just trying to show it a little.  This was the same gentleman that said "dang girl you are big"...  I honestly don't think people think before they talk

3.  "Are you excited?"  I think most people mean "aren't you excited" and have good intentions but what if I say no then that is awkward! Can't you tell by the huge smile on my face when I told you that I am excited? By the way I am so excited about this. 

4.  "Was it planned?"  Again people.  I have one child already and think I know how the first one got here and pretty sure that's how we got to the place we are in now with baby number 2.  Still, why would you ask someone.  How awkward if I had said no. 

5.  "Are you feeling heavy?"  I think the look on my face told this person that this was a HORRIBLE question.  Do you mean do I feel fat or do I does my belly feel heavy?  Was this person nervous and just didn't know what to say?  I just simply said no and cut the conversation short.

6.  "You didn't plan that very well, don't you know your kids will want to play together".  Well sir if you would like to have paid our second child's daycare then we could have "planned" this a little better so said children could play together.  Plus you never know what people are going through...what if we had been trying and trying and it took 4plus years to get pregnant.  We just planned it this way due to financial reasons it just made sense and it worked for us.

7.  "you swelling up already"  No one wants to hear this.  NO ONE.

I honestly don't feel as if I'm that big.  I've gained like 8 pounds in the 14 weeks that I've been pregnant.  If I wasn't somewhat confident with myself I would be an emotional basket case!   So please people don't ever say any of these to a pregnant woman!  We would all appreciate it!