Wednesday, January 15, 2014

29 Weeks!!

How Far AlongWe are 29 weeks, 3 Days.  Hello THIRD TRIMESTER!!  Seriously this is FLYING by this time.  We have less than 3 months left.  OMG!

Size of Baby:  Well we had an ultrasound and Carter is about 2.5 pounds which is right on track.  The book says he's around 15 inches long.

Maternity Clothes:   Yes of course...

Gender:  Boy!!!  Baby Carter.

Movement:  Yes and there has been lots of rolling going on.  I LOVE IT!!!  The other night I had some nilla wafers dipped in buttercream icing.  Well I think that amount of sugar pushed Carter over the edge.  Good gracious he went NUTS!  My stomach was just bouncing all over the place.  It felt crazy!!
Sleep:  Still going pretty good.  I still tend to wake up around 5am and my mind starts wondering and I don't think I go back to sleep.  SO I wake up exhausted.  Luckily a Diet soda is waiting for me at work and seems to give me the energy I need.

What I miss:  Running.  Deli Meat.  Not getting out of breath from walking up the stairs.  Nothing major or nothing that can't wait for a few more months.

What I'm looking forward to:  We have scheduled a Big Brother class for Garrett at the Hospital.  I can not wait!  He is so beyond excited about being a big brother.  We've told him that he's going to be an amazing big brother and he just beams.  He talks all the time about Carter and all he's going to do with him.  It is just so heart warming.  God is amazing.  Also looking forward to going to my appointments every two weeks.  I love getting to hear the heart beat :-)

Cravings/Food Aversions:  I really am not having any problems now which is great!

Symptoms:  Feeling pretty good.  I am having some back and side pain.  Nothing too bad. 

Workouts:  Workouts are FINALLY going better.  We had an appointment last Wednesday and I almost passed out during our Ultrasound.  Pregnant women can't lay on their back long and some have issues if they lay too long.  Apparently I'm one of the few.  We were laying there looking at sweet Carter and I started getting hot...REALLY hot.  Then the sweat started and I finally said "Um I think I'm having a really bad hot flash".  Well everything stopped then and she asked if I was going to get sick.  I said possibly??  Well they made me roll over to my left side and within a matter of a minute I felt like normal again.  I explained that this is the same way I feel when I workout and my heart rate jumps.  So she said that standing straight up can also make you feel that way.  She suggested that I ride the bike or elliptical.  So I've tried the bike and have had NO PROBLEMS.  Praise!  Will try the elliptical next week. 
Best moment this past weekIt had to be having our ultrasound and seeing that sweet baby.  With Garrett we only had the gender reveal ultrasound.  With Carter this is our second and then when I'm 34 weeks we will have another one through ECU.  The study I'm doing does one for free.  Can't wait!  We also started on the nursery and started washing baby clothes.  I honestly can't believe that we are this close to baby Carter coming!  YIKES.  Very exciting!
Here is our 29 week photo.  We were in a hurry so we didn't have time to erase the 27 or the heads that Garrett drew that he said were Josh and myself.  So please excuse them!  I did my best to turn the 7 into a 9!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

27 Weeks...and we have a NAME for baby Dail!

How Far AlongWe are 27 weeks and 3 Days along. 

Size of Baby:  The baby weighs 2 pounds and 14.5 inches.  Baby is about the size of a cauliflower head.

Maternity Clothes:   Yes of course...

Gender:  Boy and we FINALLY have a name!  Well a first name anyway.  Carter is the name we have chosen for Baby Dail.  Garrett was named after Josh's Dad Gary.  We came up with Carter on our own, but my dads name is Carl, so Carter is following suit with the "Car".

Movement:  Yes and Josh is able to feel him more now.  Garrett has also been able to feel him which is fun to watch. 

Sleep:  Still is touch and go.  Knock on wood, it's been a bit better.  I still don't get a full nights sleep, but finally feel more rested.  I got sick before Christmas and hit a wall...hard!  I was an emotional basket case and so exhausted I couldn't see straight.  I had to get things prepared for Christmas, birthday's (Josh and Garrett) and I had a lot to do at my office.  My mom convinced me to take a day off when I got sick.  I didn't want to use that time, because it is part of my maternity leave, but am so THANKFUL that I did.  The gym has also been closed for about two weeks.  Honestly it came at a great time.  I am finally feeling rested.   

What I miss:  Picking Garrett up and deli meat... I also missed Champaign at New Years!  It is totally worth it not to have any and wait a year...Plus we can have some once Carter arrives!!!

What I'm looking forward to:  We have an ultrasound next Wednesday.  So excited to see Carter.  Hopefully I will be measuring normal (I'm currently measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule) and things will go smoothly.  We also have to come up with a nursery theme this month.  I'd like to have something in place by the end of January.  February will be here before we know it and then Carter will be here...OMG...

Cravings/Food Aversions:  I really am not having any problems now which is great, but the weight gain not so much.  I put on quite a bit over the holidays!  I don't look forward to hearing about it at my next appointment.

Symptoms:  Feeling bigger and getting out of breath a lot easier. I actually burned my belly on the stove this week.  BLESS.  I was cooking rice on the stove and was reaching above the stove to get something and forgot my belly is bigger than thing I knew I felt a strong burning sensation.  The dang pot got me.  Luckily no blister or anything.  Learning to be more careful!

Workouts:  Workouts have been put on hold because the gym I go to has been closed since before Christmas.  I think it's been nice to have a break (minus the weight gain).  I have to be honest that I am a bit nervous about starting back tomorrow.  I pray my heart rate stays normal and doesn't sky rocket!  Any prayers would be great!
Best moment this past weekI think honestly catching up on sleep and rest.  I took off an extra day at Christmas as well to be able to be at home for Josh's and Garrett's birthdays.  It was awesome.  Today was New Years and we had today off too.  Josh surprised me last night with flowers and it was just what I needed.  He is truly doing such a good job of handling me.  It's a tough job...these hormones are no joke.  Josh and Garrett both have a cold and we had a pajama day until around 3:00.  We went shopping a little and came home and I cooked New Years Dinner.  We had pork chops, mac and cheese, black eyed peas and asparagus!  SO YUMMY.  Now eating right starts back tomorrow...shew.

This picture isn't the best, but we are all pooped and it's the best we could get :-)