Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back into the swing of things...urgh

This year I said that I would not allow to gain weight over the Holiday's.  I love to eat and never have been one to skip a meal.  EVER.  I am also an emotional eater.  I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas for all the casseroles and deserts.  I could seriously skip the meat and just eat sides and desserts.  YUMMMMM
Well I failed again this year.  I'm OK with it, but maybe next year I can get this eating thing in check for the Holiday's.  Thanksgiving was awesome and the weeks leading up to Christmas were awesome as well.  Garrett's birthday just passed and we have New Years this weekend.  (Still will blog about our Christmas and birthday this week).  We have had SO MUCH food.  Wow.  I'm stuffed just thinking about it.
Well I also slacked off on exercise.  I normally exercise 4-5 times a week.  I was averaging 2 a week for the past few weeks.  Well with all that, I gained 7lbs!  YIKES.
So yesterday started boot camp to eating right and exercise.  I get an A plus on the eating, and and F on exercise (well maybe a D minus).  I say D minus because I did get dressed and went to the gym, but my class had been canceled.  I could have stayed...but I went to Old Navy instead.  Oh well.
I did get up this morning with my friend Traci to run and it was terrible!  We made it about 2 miles.  We normally go at least 3, but the wind and cold were working against us.  Hopefully by Friday the wind will be under control. 
Anyway, here is to getting back on track!

Monday, December 26, 2011

3 Years Old! What a day

Well I will post about our beautiful/awesome celebrations later.  Just wanted to take a moment and tell you about today.  Today Garrett turned THREE~ Seems unreal~
I can not believe that he is already 3, seriously.  The first year seemed to take three years to get through, but these past 2 have FLOWN by.
We started the day with him yelling to come and get him.  He still doesn't get out of his bed on his own.  It's awesome.  We also got a new alarm clock for him that turns green when he can get up.  It works, we all love it!
So anyway we started the day off with sprinkle pancakes!  G's favorite!  So we had breakfast, opened gifts that he was just PRECIOUS about.  For lunch we went to Chick-Fil-A.  He love chicken and french fries.  Josh had to go and help his mom out, so we were on our own for a couple of hours.
I took him to the store to get balloons and party favors for his family birthday party.  While we where there, a lady asked him why he had the balloons.  He told her for his birthday and she gave him a dollar!  SO SWEET!  It was awesome.
We left there and went to the park.  We got there and it was BEAUTIFUL.  Last year this time we were stuck inside with a HUGE snow.  So we were excited to have a good day to celebrate.  There were not many people there.  Garrett and I went and had a ball.  While we were there I was looking around and there was another young mom there.  She was in her 20's with a mid drift shirt on (it was too cold for that), leggings, a belly ring and a red zebra bra on.  And the sad thing is that she didn't look as trashy as that sounds.  Here I am with my extra weight from the Holidays, no make up and hair in a pony tail...bless!
Anyway while we were playing G said he needed to stinky.  Well the problem was that there was only a porta potty there.  So we went in and I put toilet paper down and put him on the seat.  This was his first porta potty poop.  He leaned his head forward and had it on my legs.  I thought he was sick because my legs were on fire...until I heard "uh oh mommy".  Well it wasn't his head that was hot, but he had peed all over me!  SERIOUSLY.  He forgot to point "it" down and wet me.  So we went back out to the park with me with wet pants and him happy as could be! 
We then went to Harris Teeter and got food for dinner and had family over for Birthday dinner.  I will post about it later!
we had a GREAT DAY. 

10 Mile Run

Well I had my BIG run of the year on Sunday December 4th.  This is the run I had been so nervous about all year.  I had been training for the past 3 months or so and was honestly ready for this run to be here and be DONE!  I just wanted to have the accomplishment of running the entire race.  I had done a 10K race (6.2 miles) two weeks before and did HORRIBLE.  I was only able to run the first 2.5 and then had to walk most of it.  The 10K race ended up being a very hot day and I think that had a lot to do with it.  It was in the 70's. 
When I checked out the weather for the 10 mile race was supposed to be in the 50's.  PERFECT weather!  Well a couple of days before the race the temp kept rising.  It was supposed to be around 65 degrees.  I was getting nervous.  I was scared it would be too hot!
Luckily I have been training with some great girls.  We run 3-4 times a week and on Saturdays we would do a long run.  The training really helped! 
Traci and I started out together and ran about the first 4 miles side by side.  We decided that we should listen to some music at that point and ended up separating.  I still watched/followed Traci and it was so awesome to have her there!  Well guess what?  We both did it and we both ran the entire thing.  That was our goal.  It felt awesome!
I finished in 1:43:43!  I was very happy with my time.  I was not happy with the HUGE blister I got on the bottom of my left foot!  I got it around mile 4 and it was horrible!
I will be ready for next year to see if I can beat my time from this year!!  Here are a few pictures from the race:

Before the race

After the race

Oh yeah, the guy dressed up and the older guy both beat me.  Racing teaches you to be humble.  It is amazing!

I would have to say the BEST part of the race was coming to the finish and having friends and family there cheering me on.  Garrett and Josh were there, and that was awesome!!!