Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Few of Garrett's Favorite Things...30 months old

I wanted to take some time to blog about some of Garrett's favorite things right now. He is really at such a FUN age right now! He is a hoot!!!! We find ourselves laughing a lot lately at some of the things that come out of his mouth.
He really enjoys reading. He goes through his "favorite" books. For a while it was one of Josh's gold bug books from when he was a child. We call it The Bad Car Book! The only problem with this book is that it is around 60 pages, so we really have to be sneaky and skip pages at night. Otherwise we would be reading forever! His other books that he enjoys are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and a book we have on Dinosaurs. OF course anything with cars, trucks or tractors is a WIN too :-)

He also loves to sing songs. When he is playing by himself he sings the most. He loves "Jesus Loves Me". I think he knows that this melts my heart :-) He will sing it over and over again and then start mixing it with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". He also loves "Row Row Row Your Boat" and "Ring Around the Rosie"

Every morning Josh goes and gets Garrett out of bed. They then come in and "wake me up". It's a game Garrett loves to play. He yells "BOO" at the top of his lungs followed with a lot of giggles. Then he crawls in bed and yanks the blanket off and says lets go play! My favorite part of every morning.

If I want him to smile and he's being shy I will say "I see that smile"! I look at him and he is trying his hardest not to smile and can't keep it in. SO PRECIOUS

He loves to tickle. EVERYTHING! He will tell me to tickle the TV, tickle Sandy, tickle him, etc. Once I go over to tickle him he will squeal and then yell "Not right now mommy". I will stop and he will ask me to do it again...and we do it over and over

He's starting to make lots of noises with his mouth. He will make motor sounds or car sounds while playing with cars. One day he was trying to get the motor sound going and he couldn't get his lips just right to make the sound. He told me his lips were broken! Ha!

Garrett crosses his legs when sitting about 95% of the time.  He looks like a little grown man! 

I don't wear tank tops very often.  The other day I had one on and he asked me why I had on my bathing suit?  Very random, but got me tickled!

When playing hide-n-seek Garrett usually hides under a blanket on the sofa or on one of the beds.  If we say "Where's Garrett?"  He will tell us exactly where he is.  "I'm on the bed under the blanket, come get me"!  ha!  Bless his heart!!!!

Garrett loves to be NAKED.  When he gets out of the shower or bath, he will yell "Here comes naked boy"!  He had a HUGE smile and so proud of himself.  He will say "I'm naked boy mommy".  Yes you are!

Right now he gets prizes for pooping in the potty.  His favorite prize is a matchbox car.  I swear he will produce one for a car in a flash.  Josh and I have to hide the cars because he will become obsessed with going to the potty.  Well occasionally we will say sit on the floor and close your eyes and let me see if we can find a car.  He will sit, but sometimes we will see him peek.  The other week we didn't have a car available for him and he said "Mommy I will sit on the floor and you find a car, OK?  You find a car mommy?" Ha...he is a smart cookie!

Well this is most of what he is doing right now.  He also started his "big boy" class on Monday.  He moved from a room with around 9-10 kids to around 18 kids!  Big move.  I still wish that there weren't that many children in his class, but we have WONDERFUL teachers!  I am really excited about this year.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Sickness and In Health...PS this means kids too

Well to say it's been a week would be an understatement. Last week on Thursday we got the dreaded call from day care that Garrett had a temperature and we needed to pick him up. Apparently croup and strep where going around daycare...GREAT! SO I jumped in my car and headed to go and get him. Bless his heart he was pitiful! I think his temp was 101 and he was SO HOT. He also had a cough, but that was it. We decided not to take him to the doctor because we knew that there was nothing that they would do for him and it would take a long time to be seen that late in the afternoon. I took him to go and get Yogurt from one of our yogurt shops in Greenville thinking that would be such a fun moment for us. Ha, what was I thinking? We got there and he was already crying because it was like 200 degrees outside. Ugh. We got inside and he told me he wanted black ice cream. Ha!!!! So we went and got the chocolate and peanut butter swirl. He didn't want any sprinkles etc (said with a long "nooooooooooooo" that was whiny too, but he is sick). So we go to check out and I'm holding him because he doesn't want to walk and I've got my debit card and keys and two containers of yogurt in my hand and drop the one Garrett fixed. DRAMA!!!!!! I felt sorry for the other people in the store. I felt really sorry for Garrett though, bless his heart. So after tons of tears the owner came out and gave him another cup to make a new one, but at that point he was D O N E! I quickly went and got him another cup and we sat down to continue our sweet moment (wink wink). He took 2 bites and that was it. So we went home.
Friday Josh stayed home with him. They had a pretty good day together, we just couldn't get his fever to break. Still had a cough, but no other symptoms. I got a text about 8:35 am from Josh that Garrett was doing an art project and continued it off of the paper. Apparently they were playing with stamps and he stamped his face like 8 times with a red stamp! HILARIOUS! He said he turned his head for 10 seconds and when he turned back around he had done it. OMG Garrett was SO HAPPY! I love it!

Here is the picture! It still makes me smile. He didn't want Josh to wash it off. He did though!

We also started letting Garrett wear big boy underwear on Saturday. He was supposed to start wearing it at school the next week so we thought we would go ahead and work with him on it. I guess this is another example of first time parenting bad decision making. Why would we do this while he is sick? Oh well. He actually did really well with it and we were so proud!!!
On Sunday we could tell that he would not be ready to head back to school on Monday. He still had a fever and was just super whiny. So I went into work to try and wrap up some stuff and took off with him Monday. We decided to suck it up and go to the doctor even though we wouldn't get any medicine. Well turns out he had a BAD ear infection in his left ear. I felt horrible that we hadn't thought of that. He didn't complain though. So we went and visited with my dad while we waited for prescriptions to be filled. Luckily he was able to go to school Tuesday.
On Thursday he came home with small looking whelps on his arm, behind his ear and a few on his leg. He has had 2 previous reactions to antibiotics before. Let me tell you, you never want your child to have hives. THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!! So we took him to the after hours clinic and got him checked out. Turns out that they were bug bites. SHEW!
Garrett has never slept in. He has never slept past 8:15 and his "normal" wake up time is 6:15 to 6:30 (if we are lucky). Since he has been sick he has been waking up around 4:45 to 5:15 and waking up through out the nights. I don't work well without sleep, so I was a zombie this past week going to bed around 8:30. Ha!

I think before you leave the hospital you should have to say the same vows you said as husband and wife to your child...In sickness and in health, good times and bad, etc. I knew being a parent would be tough and rewarding, but didn't quite realize how tough it could be until Garrett arrived! He is also SO REWARDING. He melts my heart and I could just squeeze him.

Good to report that he is feeling MUCH BETTER! We are very lucky that he has never had "serious" health issues and is a healthy boy. Will do more posts about our weekend later.