Saturday, September 15, 2012

I made it!

I've been working on losing the extra pounds I put on over the summer for the past 4-6 weeks.  It took me forever to get my head straight and finally make the decision to be in this 100%.  Unfortunately I have to be 100% in because I don't have good self control and will not get good results.
The first 4 weeks I lost ONE POUND!  One little pound but I worked SO HARD to get that one stinking pound off.  Normally I would get discouraged at this point and say forget it and pass me the cookie dough.  This time I decided to keep trucking along.  I was also reading "Made to Crave" and it has helped with the process A LOT!  Why is it so easy to gain weight and so much fun??  Last year I ran a lot and loved it until I did a half marathon and got burned out.  So this time I've been doing other exercises to try and keep it interesting.  I'm also not trying to kill myself but just get moving!  Well over that month I stayed away from running.  Sadly when I attempted to run I could only do a mile.  For some this is great, but for me who ran 10 miles in December last year this was very sad and hurt my heart that I had let myself go so quickly.
Last week was when I finally got that pound off and we had a beach weekend planned.  Road trips = chips and M&M's for the way up  and bad food and alcohol while at the beach.  This time I refused!  I did not want that pound back on, so I stuck to my guns and did not snack in the car on the way down.  Instead of eating pancakes, I ate oatmeal one morning.  I also just chose to eat healthier items.  I didn't deny myself completely.  I had homemade banana nut bread, chips (just a normal portion) and we did eat ice cream (the real stuff) each night.  The first night I had a whole serving to myself.  The second night Josh and I split a cup. 
My parents are big runners and always have been.  I packed work out clothes and actually used them this time!  Ha!  They decided to go running and I said I would go with them.  I made it 3.10 miles!!!!  It had been such a long time since I'd reached that goal.  I felt like I had won a gold medal!  hahahaha!!  Disclaimer:  it was a slow run, but a run is a run!  The next day I decided I would run again...and ran another 3.10 miles!  I was starting to get back in the swing of things!  I weighed myself when we returned.  My goal was to maintain and not gain.  Guess what?  I actually lost weight while on vacation at the beach.  It was only .2 lbs but I was thrilled!
The first night back from the beach I decided I would run again.  This time it was on my own so I was nervous.  Luckily we are having beautiful weather right now and that helped.  My goal was 3.10 miles.  As I was running I heard a very familiar sound and guess what was following me?  The freaking ice cream truck!  Dang it.  She followed me for 3 streets.  If you have never heard an ice cream truck it is quite possible one of the loudest noises I can think of.  She can be 5 streets over and I can hear her truck.  I survived her!  ha!  No I didn't buy any ice cream either.  I actually made it 3.25 miles!  wahoo!  I have a running watch and would recommend it for anyone thinking about training or running.  It is a Nike one with GPS in it.  Best investment! 
I weighed Thursday and had lost an additional 1.2lbs!  WAHOO!!!!  In just 3 days.  Isn't it funny how the first pound took a month, but that second one only 3 days.  I'm glad I didn't give up! 
Yesterday (Friday) my office had a birthday to celebrate.  That means cookie cake and lunch out!  Normally I would look forward to this because it gave me an excuse to pig out.  It took too long to loose those 1.2 lbs and so I was in nervous mode on what am I going to eat etc.  I knew we were going to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  It is one of my favorites around here.  I normally get a spinach and mushroom quesidilla and it comes with a beef enchilada with rice.  I think the plate is well over 1000 calories and my goal for lunch is around 400 calories.  I found a plate that was a marinated chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms and onions covered with cheese and served with rice and beans.  I ordered this with no beans and no cheese and guess what?  It was sooooo good!  Oh my goodness I could have licked the plate!!  I'm guessing it was anywhere between 400-500 calories max (at least that's what I hope).  I had a small piece of cookie cake.  In my office if you say no to cakes and cookies it is not accepted.  Period.  You have to have some.  You can't even pretend to eat it or take it back to your desk because everyone eats together and they know if you don't eat it.  They already get annoyed with me that I don't participate in as many group lunches anymore and bring my own food.  ha!   I spend 45 minutes at the gym to try and work off some of that food.
I weighed this morning after the "heavy" day yesterday and didn't gain or loose...I maintained!  I was excited.  I went to Zumba
This is a hard process but so rewarding when it is working.