Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Sandy!

About two weeks ago Garrett was asking me when Sandy's birthday was.  To be honest I can't exactly remember the day, but know that it is sometime around Easter.  I remember thinking we could name her Lilly because of being born around Easter.  I was working at the bank when one of the tellers told me that they had some dogs they were giving away.  Josh and I decided that when we got back from our honeymoon we would get her.
About 2 years after getting Sandy she had a lump on her nose.  We thought an ant had bit her but a week later the bump was still there.  After taking her to the vet they told us she had cancer.  Oh my goodness our world was turned upside down.  Devastated doesn't cover it.  We were told that it was rare and that the only other cases they had the dog lived for a max of a year.  :-(  We decided to let her live her last year as happy as possible.  What does that mean do you ask??  No crate, extra food, lots of snuggles.  Here we are and Sandy has beat the odds.  We don't know really why except God is good and we still have her! 
So when Garrett asked to have a party for her we figured we should go all out and celebrate her big double digit year.  I asked Garrett what kind of party we should do for Sandy and he said "princess party...".  Ha.  Since she is a girl that equals princess to Garrett.  He specifically wanted  her to have Cinderella gloves and slippers.  So I took him to Target and we went shopping for her party.  Please enjoy the pictures:

Princess napkins and PINK cupcakes!!!

It's PARTY time

Two of my favorite princesses

Yes, Sandy is wearing a skirt!  I love this picture of these two

Can't tell if she likes the skirt or not??

Garrett trying to add some bling to the birthday girl

I think she is embarrassed

Time to sing Happy Birthday!!

The entire family

Typical 4 year old

Pops and Garrett

Grandmommy, Garrett and Susu
 It was an amazing party and was great to have family come and celebrate!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Has it been 10 years already! How lucky am I???

10 years ago today Josh and I were saying "I do".  Oh my goodness I honestly can not believe that we have been married for 10 years!!!  I remember when we got married thinking I can't wait to make it to our 10 year anniversary and dreaming to what that would feel like.  Boy how I never knew how awesome my life would be!  Here are a few pictures from our wedding.  Since it was so long ago it was before digital photography...crazy! 
My favorite picture!

My 2nd favorite picture (except the expression on my face)

We looked like we were just got out of high school here, but I promise we didn't need our parents signature to get married...ha!!!
My mom and I often talk about how much fun we had planning our wedding.  It was such a cherished time I had with her that I will always remember.  It was amazing!
I feel as though Josh and I have a better relationship now than we did when we first got married.  I am so lucky to have a man that loves me as much as he does.  He is such an awesome provider and incredible father.  We are complete opposites and it works for us.  I love to cook and bake and hate to clean.  Josh is OCD about being clean and hates to cook!  Works great.  He is very quiet and relaxed and mild mannered.  I am high strung, never relaxed and loud most of the time.  He calms me when I need it (even though sometimes I don't want to hear it...ha). 
We have been through the worst of times and the best of times!  I look forward to many more years of marriage. 
We look forward to celebrating our anniversary in Charlotte sometime this year.  We were able to meet for lunch today and had a very yummy meal tonight.  I stopped by the Fresh Market and picked up some chicken and a twice baked potato.  Then went and picked up a movie, some champagne and cake for after G goes to sleep! 
I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate 10 years of marriage!

Monday, March 18, 2013

I DID IT!!!!

I'm sitting here on the sofa watching NBC's The Biggest Loser.  I also just finished up some ice cream...don't judge!  I'm also on again off again crying.  These shows always get me!  Ha!!

This past weekend I accomplished something that has been on my bucket list for a while.  I started running over 5 years ago.  I've always wanted to run a half marathon and actually did it last year with a great friend.  It was a HORRIBLE first half marathon.  I was so down and disappointed after that run.  I had trained hard (so I thought).  Turned out the running watch I had wasn't working properly.  When I thought I had run 11 miles, WRONG it was only 7 miles.  I didn't realize this until we were in the race running.  It was also so hot, good gracious it was terrible!  I was done after that half marathon...D O N E!  Well I was serious and did not run for 6 months.  Luckily I had some great friends that pulled me out of that funk and got going again!

Fast forward to this past October I was on Pinterest and pinned a training program for a half marathon.  Not thinking much of it, but just tucking it away.  Well that night I got a notification that my friend Elizabeth had commented on it.  She put that she would join me if I was serious about doing it.  Oh my goodness what did I start???  We found a half marathon in DC and had another good friend that lived there that we could stay with and she would do it with us as well.  Then Liz's sister decided she would run with us as well.

We signed up for the Rock N Roll half marathon.  I started really training in December.  I was dragging my feet but FINALLY started.  It was so hard.  I had great girls that would come with me for my Saturday runs.  It was hard giving up my Saturday and Sunday mornings for 2 hours at a time to run.  It was such an amazing feeling every time I reached my new goal.  I was so nervous that I would have an injury or get sick.  I did hurt my big toe which I learned is common but besides that was injury and free of sickness.  Praise!

The week leading up to DC I was on more than anyone my age should be.  It went from being hot (my worst nightmare) to 70% chance of rain and FREEZING.  Ugh.  We have trained so hard and the weather was messing this up for us! 

Liz came to Greenville and we rode together to DC on Friday morning.  It was so awesome having girl time.  We got to DC in time to pick Marsha up from the airport and meet the other Liz at the packet pick up.  We had a blast picking up or packages.  There were vendors everywhere and it was fun to walk around and get free samples of products.  We didn't get a chance to eat lunch so we ate an early dinner and went to bed early.

Race day we were up at 5:30am and left to go to our race.  The weather was perfect.  No rain and it was chilly.  We all got in our corral and got ready.  There were thirty thousand runners signed up for this race, by far the largest I've ever participated in.  We were finally able to go around 8am.  There were so many hills, oh the hills but it was FUN.  Never ever would I have thought running would be fun but it was.  There were people cheering for us and had drinking stations with beer and vodka set up.  I don't know how people are able to drink alcohol and run...I would vomit.  I ran very slow but I ran the ENTIRE thing.  I was so proud of myself.  It was awesome.  Running is such a humbling experience.  A few people who beat me in the half were a blind woman, a man with one leg and a man juggling while he was running.  Seriously...juggling while he was running.  Crazy.  As I said there was plenty to look at.

After the race we went home and showered and then went and watched a movie at the movies!  I haven't been to the movies in forever.  We also got popcorn...oh the little things!  We had so much fun visiting and laughing together.  Such wonderful friends that I don't know what I would do without.

We all finished the race and had a great time.  We left EARLY Sunday morning and I came back to a wonderful husband and beautiful child that let me take a nap.  How nice was that!  Love them.

Well I will update with some pictures later.