Monday, September 30, 2013

14 weeks

Well we are 14 weeks along and as promised here is my weekly "bump" update.  My goal is to do this every Monday, but realistically I'm shooting for every other week! 

How Far AlongI am 14 weeks along.  Start of the second trimester!  Wahoo

Size of Baby:  They say the baby is almost 1 ounce and about the size of my fist :-)

Maternity Clothes:   I am about in 85% maternity clothes.  I am still able to wear some dresses and skirts that can still work with the bump.  As far as pants and shorts...100% maternity.  I don't like the type of waist bands that cut below the belly.  I like the kind that cover the entire belly.  Strange I know, but I don't like anything on my belly.

Gender:  Don't know yet.  Will find out October 29th.  Less than one month to go!!!

Movement:  I think I started to feel something this past week.  It's not consistent, but there have been some flutters.

Sleep:  I sleep OK right now.  A lot of times I have no problem what so ever falling asleep.  I do however wake up in the middle of the night (between 1 and 3 in the morning) and can't sleep.  Sometimes I am hungry, etc.  Hoping that second trimester will allow me to get some sleep.  I can usually make it through the week without a nap, but on the weekends I am taking a nap each day.  Thankful for a wonderful hubby and grandparents that takes over and allow me to sleep. I also was having VIVID dreams.  I don't remember anything of late, but shew they were crazy! 

What I miss:  Sometimes I miss alcohol...let's just be honest.  ha.  I miss running.  This is the perfect weather for running.  They say not to start anything that you haven't been doing.  I hadn't run since March.  So I've been walking/doing elliptical.  I also miss deli meat!  My doctor's office says no deli meat unless it's heated for 20 seconds.  Gah...not what I want.  So finding lunch options has been difficult a little.  I'm working on staying healthy...

What I'm looking forward to:  Tomorrow is the first day of October.  One of my favorite months of the year.  We have the fair this week, Halloween, birthday parties for G's friends, and fall festival at Garrett's school!  Also looking forward to my next doctor's appointment on  October 15th.  No ultrasound, but will hear the heartbeat :-)

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Food has been strange this go round.  Not really craving sweets, more salty.  Went through a pizza crave and finally got a Papa John's pizza!  SO YUMMY!!  I started off eating almonds and enjoyed the thought of almonds make me want to vomit!  I also can't stand the thought of plain wheat thins.  So strange!

Symptoms:  Nausea in the beginning.  That is starting to die down.  Exhaustion has been ridiculous!  Hoping that will get better. 

Workouts:  This past week not so great.  My goal is to exercise 3-4 times a week for 40 to 45 minutes at a time.  I actually just got into a pregnancy study at ECU that is all about keeping pregnant women fit and will start that in a week or two.  I will do another blog post on that and am so so so excited!  I gained 68 pounds with Garrett and have NO intention of doing that again!

Best moment this past week:  The bump appeared and I think I am starting to feel the baby move!

Here is a picture from 14 weeks.  We painted a wall with chalk board paint but it wasn't ready for today.  So this picture will be different from the rest.  I always have good intentions but life gets busy and sometimes you just don't have time.  Also, I had just finished dinner so I feel like the bump was a little bigger than normal...and I don't have any make up on!  Those are your warnings!!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Exciting Times!!

As Garrett would say... "TA DA"

That's right...we are expecting baby number 2 in late March of 2014.  This go round has been much different then when I was pregnant with Garrett.  While I was pregnant with Garrett I was never sick except for maybe 3 days.  I have also been exhausted, shew it is no joke!
We were able to tell family around eight weeks and friends around 11 weeks.  We choose not to have genetic testing done so we have only been able to hear the heartbeat, which was incredible to hear!  We have our first ultrasound scheduled for October 29th and at that time we will find out the sex of the baby.  We can not wait!
I think the most exciting part of this journey was being able to tell Garrett.  We went and picked Garrett up from school early and told him we had a surprise for him.  He was pumped.  He got in the car and started the questions about his surprise.  "Is it something I wanted for Christmas?  Is it a car?  Is it a banana?  Is it (just fill in anything you can think)?"  Well he has been asking for a baby brother or sister for a while now so I told him it was something he wanted.
I got him home and told him to sit on the sofa.  I warned him that it was not a toy.  I didn't want him to open his gift and be let down.  His gift was the shirt he is wearing in the picture above.  So he closed his eyes and I put his shirt in his lap.  Before he opened his gift he asked if it was!  I was so tickled!  So he opened his eyes and smiled and said "A SHIRT!!!"  So I told him what the shirt said and asked if he knew what that meant and he said no.  So I told him that it meant that I had a baby in my belly!   He was over the moon excited.  His eyes were so big with excitement and it just warmed my heart beyond words.  He gave me a huge hug and then gave the baby a hug.
He is already protective and it tickles me.  We were headed out to let him tell our parents and he said "Daddy you need to make sure to drive slow because there is a baby in mommy's belly."  I was sitting with him in the back seat and he smiled and said there are 3 of us back here.  He continued this for a while and it made me so happy.  He loves the thought of being a big brother.
I let him wear his shirt the next day to school and he was able to tell all the teachers and friends.  He was pumped.  So pumped that he had a terrible day at school.  Ha! I think he lost his listening ears for the day.
Anyway we are very excited.  I am going to be doing at least every 2 week pregnancy updates.  I know that every week is a bit ambitious for me.  I am so tired it is hard for me to post at night.  I will also post a picture of "the bump" that has formed starting Sunday or Monday.