Saturday, September 20, 2014

Here we go again (but this time I'm sticking to it!)

Carter is turning six months soon and I can't use "I just had a baby" much longer.  It is time to get rid of the weight.  I've made tons of excuses of why I don't have time to exercise.  It is really hard for me to make and find time, but I know this is so important.  I don't want to be this weight.  I was 21.8 pounds heavier than when I got pregnant.  I want to get down to at least my pre-pregnancy weight.  Also if I don't lose the weight I will be doing laundry every other night because I only have a few pairs of pants to wear...bless!
I still couldn't figure out how I was going to do it.  I can't really afford a gym membership right now and definitely couldn't afford a trainer.  I knew as well that I needed to be held accountable.  Accountability is amazing and truly motivates me and helps me stay in check.
A few weeks ago my coworker mentioned that she heard of a study being held at a local gym that was an 8 week program that included a one hour training sessions.  The cost was only 90 dollars and if you complete the 8 weeks (you have to go 3 times a week minimum) then they give you an additional 8 weeks membership at the gym.  Whoa, it doesn't get much better than that! 
I went for a health assessment last weekend to hear more about it and get my measurements and weight taken (never fun).  I was so out of shape, seriously ridiculous.  It was embarrassing.  We had to do sit ups, push ups and go up and down on the step.  Can I be honest and tell you I was soooo sore the next day.  I will also let you know I had a "last meal" lunch on the way home before starting my healthy eating.  So bad!  I went to Cook Out and got a grilled chicken sandwich with fries and onion rings and of course a milk shake.  Whoa it was SOOOOO amazing!!  yummmm! 
I started working out this past Tuesday with my new trainer.  It felt amazing to get in the gym!  We did weights which I hadn't done in a long time.  It was sooo nice.  I went back Thursday night and did 30 minutes of cardio.  I didn't have much time.  I jogged 10 and power walked 20.  It was slow and ugly, but it was DONE!!  I went today and ran 15 and walked 15, did 10 minutes on the bike and 5 on the elliptical.  45 minutes!  yay!
So I have started!  I will update you as I can, but feels great to have started.  I hope I can drop this weight by the end of the year (hopefully before that, but the Holiday's are coming up and I am realistic).

Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 Months

Height & Weight:  Carter is a big boy!  Bless.  He is weighing in at 17 pounds and is 26 inches long.
Health:  It seems like every month we have a new sickness.  He got real congested this past month and ended up on steroids and amoxicillin.  It was awful.  We were hesitant on putting him on all of the meds and actually called the doctor about stopping it because he seemed to be getting better.  Luckily we kept him on because strep started going through his class.  He finally got over his funk.  Here is such a sad picture of his breathing treatment.
Poor baby!
He also has started going through a super whiney stage...shew!  We can't figure out where it's coming from.  I took him to the doctor and they can't find anything wrong so we are waiting it out.
Sleep:  Sleep is about the same which we can't complain.  Starting this Friday we are going to start putting him in his crib at say I am a bit nervous is an understatement.  Praying he does OK with this.  He does sleep in his crib during the day but it doesn't last a super long time.  During the day at school he sleeps around 2 hours total.  At home he will sleep longer.
Clothes/Diapers:  He is still in size 2 diapers and wearing mainly 6-9 month clothing.  He is really long.   We are actually going to move up to a size 3 diaper after we are done with this pack of size 2.
Social:  He is a social butterfly.  The girls at daycare are always telling me how much they love him and how much he smiles at them... It makes my heart so warm.  He does a good job if we get out and do things and doesn't really like being confined to the house.
Diet:  He is still doing the same...currently on GentleEase and has just bumped up to 5.5 ounces during the day and 6 ounces for two night time feedings.  We have stopped using gas drops, but we are still putting 2tsp of rice in each bottle.  He eats pretty much every three hours during the day.   
Baby Gear Love:  He is definitely not as content as he used to be.  We are no longer able to let him lay there and play on a play mat.  He prefers to sit up or be in a stand up toy.  He is a busy bee!
Hair/Eyes:  His eyes are still really blue and his hear is a strawberry blond. We are still wondering about his hair and if it will stay that way.
Crying:  It's touch and go lately.  We used to have a happy happy boy on our hands and now he is FUSSY.  Don't know what is going on.  He seems to be uncomfortable and it could be teeth.  Who knows?  Praying it goes quickly and our happy boy is back!  
Likes:  Loves baths still.  Loves his big brother.  Sometimes Garrett will be so annoying to us, but Carter LOVES it and giggles.  So we just let him go and make him laugh.  He loves mornings and is super smiley then.  I've found some tickle spots on him and it is so awesome!
Dislikes:  Mainly night time pisses him off.  Once the lights go down that temper can just come out of no where if you don't get him to bed in time.  Whoa!
Milestones:  He is sitting up all by himself!  He is so proud of himself and I am so proud too!!!
Firsts this month:  He started solids!  I will post more about that later.  He loves them.  I can't tell if that is making his stomach upset and that's where the whining is coming from??
What I'm thankful for:  so thankful for a smart baby boy.  He is growing so fast it's crazy!  Here he is mimicking Josh.  Too funny!

Typical Day: I've added this to help me remember what days are like...
On daycare days Carter wakes up around 6:30am.  We have to give him Prevacid between 6:00-6:15 before he eats.  After he eats we let him "play" which consists currently of him laying and kicking on a play mat. Now he is sitting up and playing! Usually around 7:30 he is getting tired and will sit in his chair until it's time to go to school.  We try to leave by 7:30 to go to school.  Josh and I alternate days taking the boys.  We pick him up between 5:15 and 5:30 and he plays again until around 6:00. We eliminated his nap in the late afternoons.  It makes him a big cranky sometimes, but it's OK.  He eats a solid around 6:15 and then his bottle around 6:30-6:45 and then is up until 7:30.  We do bath and now have started to read a book and go ahead and put him in his sleep sack.  this is to prepare a new routine so he knows it's time for bed.  We hold him until his 9:30 bottle.  I guess once we switch him to the crib we will try and get him to sleep on his own after his bath.  We just have to figure that out once we get there...
On non daycare days, we do the eat/play/sleep.  We are less rigid and let him sleep when he is tired.  We pretty much follow the same as daycare days.  Now we have added the crib in for him to take naps in.  He is outgrowing his chair, so the crib will be here before we know it.
Josh and I are usually exhausted by the time bedtime rolls around and have a hard time keeping our eyes open.