Saturday, June 22, 2013

April 2013

To say we have been busy is the understatement of the year.  I haven't had the energy to keep up with the blog but am hoping to get back into it.  I am going to try and update up to where we are over the next week.  The last post was in March when we were celebrating Sandy's birthday.  We had a blast and Garrett still talks about it today!  His teacher thought that he was telling a story about her party...hahahaha.  I told her that yes we did have a party and I know she thinks we are a little on the crazy side but we love our dog!

April we had some fun things going on.  T ball started.  Garrett hasn't done a lot of "organized sports" so this was his first real experience.  He loved it and so did we.  He was awesome at hitting, throwing (although his direction could use some help still) and running.  Catching was not a strong point of his but that's OK, something to work on.  Parents were heavily involved during tball and it scared me to pieces.  I do not like to catch because I am AWFUL at it!
We also got a chance to do some canoeing, kayaking and playing in the water at ECU's beach.  It was so much fun and we do plan on going back out there this summer.
My dad celebrated his 64th birthday and we always have a great time getting together and celebrating anything as a family.  We do miss my brother and his wife who moved to Charlotte. 
Lastly we were able to play in the backyard and relax some before the full swing of spring/summer started.
Here are a few pictures of fun we had in April:
Does it get any better than kids in goggles??

Love this picture...

ready for T Ball

Spring is not complete without Popsicles and a hammock

Pool with his best friend


family shot!