Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just one of those moments

So this week I was out of work Thursday a lot because of a doctor's appointment (for the tick bite) and the circus.  So I had to make up my time this weekend or use a vacation day.  I'm picky about my vacation days and figured since it was raining I would go on in.  Well I finished up and had a few goodies to get for my dad for his birthday.
As I mentioned it was raining.  I was walking out of Target (yes one of the busiest parking lots around) and stepped on the speed bump and slipped and fell!  It was seriously like in the cartoons when the character steps on a banana peel and falls. 
Well I was laid all out on the speed bump in a puddle.  Oh my goodness, SO embarrassed!!!!  A lady did stop and ask if I was OK.  I said yes, just embarrassed and she walked away fast.  I think I looked like a hot mess!  I think I will have a fabulous bruise on my leg and possibly arm. 
Also, my pants were soaked and I still had to go to Hallmark and the grocery store.  It was so much fun going with soaked pants into these places...just my luck.
After it I thought I would get a Chick Fil A cookie (they are soooooo yummy if you haven't had one).  So I drove into their parking lot.  CLOSED on Sundays!  Urgh!
Just one of those days!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Goodness this has been a BUSY BUSY month!  I can't believe that I haven't done a single blog in April!  oops!  To say I've been exhausted would be an understatement.  Shew.  Ever since I ran the half marathon at the end of March I have had ZERO energy.  I have been going to bed some nights shortly after Garrett.  Hopefully we will be back in the swing of it soon.
So far this month we have had freezing weather followed by 80 degree days and back and forth.  Welcome to NC.  My allergies have been all out of whack.  Luckily they seem to have calmed down a little bit.
We had Easter  and Garrett and I had the pleasure of going down to the beach with my mom.  She was doing continuing education and we got to play!  We also got to meet with some friends and family.  We went to the circus too.  Garrett loved it.  Garrett and I also went to Touch a Truck today.  It is a little boys dream come true.  Any type of truck you can think of the kids can get in and play.  Will blog about these all this weekend (hopefully...)
Tomorrow is my dads birthday.  We are having everyone over to celebrate and I am excited about family time!
My mom and I are also hosting a shower for my future sister-in-law this week.  Can't wait.  We are doing a BUNCO night.  Wahoo.
I also was bit by a tick last weekend.  I went to the doctor this past Thursday to get tested for lime and rocky mount spotted disease.  I will find out Monday if I have it.  I have a few symptoms, but they aren't strong, so fingers crossed!!!
We have started going to church on Saturday nights and are truly enjoying it!  We've even had the pleasure of bringing some new people there and it is heart warming.  I truly love our church and the messages they bring. 
Tonight when Garrett was doing his prayers he said the most grown up prayer and I was BLOWN away.  I can't even remember it, but I remember wanting to cry because I was so touched with what he is learning about God and Jesus.  His prayer was so heartwarming and I wish that I could remember it.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.
Well I will try and be more diligent on my blogs :-)  More to come soon!!!