Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not my smartest move

I've been trying to work on my running lately. I really want to run a 1/2 marathon soon (within a year). I need to take baby steps though. I want to run a 10 mile race next. I would like to do this by the end of the year. I am working on getting my endurance up. I am up to 6 miles. Only 4 more to go! Let me tell you, those four miles seem like they will take forever. Hopefully not.
Anyway, I ran Friday and took Saturday off. I decided to go run today. My gym closes at 5 or 6 on Sunday and I really didn't want to drive there. I wanted to be close to home, so I decided to run around my neighborhood. It had stopped raining hard, so I thought i would be alright.
I was about 20 minutes in when I saw lightening in the distance. I thought it was going away, not coming towards me, so I kept running. Not smart! I was about 7-10 minutes from my house when the storm started kicking up pretty good. I turned around fast and booked it. I've never run so fast in a short amount of time (even when that dog was chasing me). I have never been so scared in my life. I was so petrified that I was going to get struck.
To make sure that I wouldn't choke if I was struck, I spit my gum out. I don't know if that makes a difference, but I was thinking ahead. Ha! Luckily I saw Josh driving trying to find me. I was out of breath and nervous as I could be. Thank goodness I was safe. I then had to take a shower while a crazy storm was going on. Shew, what a day!
I did get 30 minutes in :-)
I will now check the weather BEFORE heading out!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Four Letter Words

I haven't had a chance to blog in a while, so I thought that I would try to catch everyone up with four letter words. I've thought hard about this, so lets see if I can do it :-)

This seems to be the biggest thing going on at our house and this is what cour life is centered around...poop, poop, poop. We have been trying to work on potty training for about 6-8 weeks now. He hasn't had too much of and issue with going number 1 in the potty, but the poop has been the kicker! About 4 weeks ago after talking about his BIG GREEN TRUCK (this was covered in a past post) for 2 weeks he FINALLY went poop in the potty. He went twice that day. I cried. I was so HAPPY. Well it was a short lived celebration. He stopped after that day. Well, last Thursday after buying more bribe gifts he finally started back again. He has pooped in the potty since then with just three little accidents. I hope we are onto something. The only thing is that these prizes are wearing me out. We just got a basket and put a bunch of small things in the basket. He wants prizes ALL THE TIME! Even when he doesn't poop and will throw the biggest fits! Ugh. He's getting better though. Fingers crossed he is on the right path. Hopefully next week or soon after that, he will be in his big boy underpants.

Good gracious, I feel like I haven't stopped moving. It has just been very busy lately. Josh and I went on a mini vacation with each other a few weeks ago. We decided to go to Charlotte for an extended weekend without Garrett. This was our longest time away from him. It was so hard, but SO fabulous at the same time. We left on Thursday night and drove up 1/2 way. On Friday morning we went to Carowins. It was fun, but we are not as young as we used to be. We loved the water park, the roller coasters, not so much. We both felt so dizzy after getting off each one. It was overcast and actually cold there. It was about 70 degrees and raining. We had no lines. We were freezing cold, but made the best of it. We then went to our hotel and it was AMAZING. It is fairly new and there is so much to do right at our hotel. There was a movie theatre, bowling alley, bars and restaurants. We had a blast. If you are ever in Charlotte, it is called The Aloft Hotel. Here is the website: http://http//
It was a very "young" hotel. Saturday it was still overcast, so we just relaxed. We went to a movie, Horrible Bosses. Awesome movie, a must see. We did some shopping and then went out to a dueling piano bar. Lots of fun. Sunday was the best day by far. We went whitewater rafting! That's right, in Charlotte. They have a man made place there and it was just perfect. There was so much to do. We got there about 2 o'clock and left at 8:30 (kicking and screaming). I didn't want it to end. We went whitewater rafting twice (I fell out of the boat) and did the Mega Zip Line. I opted to do a free fall jump, Josh did not. I would go back again and again. This is the website in case you are interested...
We left Monday and came home to get Garrett!
So since we have gotten back we did swim lessons with Garrett. They were great. He learned a lot and we will do them again next year too.
I have been tyring to get caught back up with work. I swear you have to work SO HARD to go and then work double hard when you get back. So worth it though!

So Garrett has started singing around the house finally. He would never sing before, but is making up for lost time. Ha! His two favorite songs currently are Jesus Loves Me and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Can I tell you how much it warms my heart that Jesus Loves Me is his favorite song? He will randomly look at me and just say "Mommy, Jesus loves me"! I will say, yes Garrett, yes he does! Makes me so proud. Well he sings this song over and over and over again. He usually sings while playing with his cars and toys. He will mix the two songs together too which is fun to hear as well. He also loves: The Wheels on the Bus, Row Row Row Your Boat and Ring Around the Rosy. He loves for me to sing these songs to him too. I love that he loves me to sing (I can't sing...shew, it isn't pretty). So we sing and sing and sing. I hope he always will sing with me.

Good gracious, this boy still loves to talk! He talks from the time he wakes up until he falls asleep (talking of course). We are trying to teach him to not talk while we are talking. So we tell him "mommy and daddy are talking right now, you can talk when we are finished". He will say "OK" and then we will continue our conversation. We will talk for about 2 seconds and then he will start back in again talking. I know I will miss his talking all the time, so I try not to get too worked up over it and just enjoy the ride :-)

I've been hitting the gym pretty hard lately. I love it for my physical and mental well being. My "typical week" consists of
Monday: Step Class. It is a 50 minute class and is so intense. They only offer it on Monday's and it is a great way to start off the week. If you know me, you know I have zero coordination! For some reason, I have coordination when in step class. It makes me feel good :-)
Tuesday: Tuesday mornings I do weight training with my trainer Anthony. My coworker/friend Susie trains with me. We train so well together and it is fun having someone to work out with. Anthony is awesome and I look forward to working out with him. He pushes me and it is awesome because I've felt so "weak" in the past and slowly I am proving to myself that I am so strong. LOVE IT. Tuesday nights I come back for Zumba. I don't know what I would do without it. This class is so much fun. My instructor is Elizabeth and she is amazing. I hope to one day dance like her! I've come a long way! Bless my heart.
Wednesday's: Rest...I don't exercise typically on Wednesdays.
Thursdays: Back in the gym for Weight Training with Anthony in the morning. I sometimes try to run 1-3 miles before training if possible.
Friday: I run after work. I try to go at least 4 miles. I hope to run a 10 mile race soon.
Saturday: I do some sort of cardio
I love working out. I never thought I would. I hated it growing up. I absolutely love it and it makes me a better person.

I just love my guys, family, friends and life. I am truly at a good point in life and am enjoying it. Josh and I have also joined Covenant Church in Greenville. This church has done amazing things for me. It will probably have to be a post in itself. Amazing church!

Well that's enough for right now. I hope to start posting more!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday Weekend

It started with watermelon margaritas...PERFECTION

GiGi reading to Garrett at the end of the night

Me and mom

Mom, Dad and me (missing Preston)

Garrett killing some cupcakes

Playing with stuff in the garage :-) Who needs toys?

I love that I still get birthday napkins. Yummy cupcakes!

Josh and me

These pictures were all taken at my parents house for my birthday celebration. I need to back it up a few days though. I just have trouble loading pictures, so they came first this time :-)

I don't have any pictures, but my celebrations started on Saturday. We started by taking Garrett to see his first movie, Cars 2. He did SO GOOD. He lasted a little over an hour and he was just precious. He enjoyed it, but we left early. We went to Chick-Fil-A and had some lunch and then took him to SuSu's house. SuSu is Josh's mom and Garrett was lucky enough to spend the night with her so that we could have a date night and celebrate my birthday together. SuSu had a big cupcake waiting for us and Garrett sang Happy Birthday to me. So So Sweet. He sang it a lot that weekend. We dropped Garrett off and he had a blast.

Josh and I went to see another movie, The Hangover 2. It was awesome. We laughed and laughed. It was nice to have any concerns and just enjoy ourselves. We needed to do it more often (I'm sure our parents won't mind). We went to CPW's for dinner. The service was terrible! The food was AMAZING! When we were getting to the end of our dinner a couple came in and was put at a table behind ours. The tables were very close though. What I'm trying to get at is that I could hear everything they were talking about! I am a very nosy person (I will be the first to admit it) and love making up stories of what people are doing etc. Well I didn't have to make up a thing. These two were on a first date and they met online! He was a horrible date and I felt sorry for the girl. He talked about his girlfriend and the fact that he sweats a lot within the first five minutes. It was awesome! I wish we could have found out what happened, but we had to go! Thank you SuSu!!!!

Sunday afternoon we went to the pool for the first time this year with Garrett. I will post about that later. He was a little fish and just did so well!!! I was so proud!

Sunday evening we went to my parents house and had dinner. When we drove up there were balloons on the mailbox! Ha! My mom has always celebrates huge! I love it. My grandmother and Uncle were able to come down and celebrate too. So mom and dad made watermelon margaritas and they were SO YUMMY! We also had cupcakes, steak, and rolls! I love food, so I was super excited. We had a grand time.

To say I felt blessed is an understatement! It was just wonderful.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Big Green Truck

I got a phone call from Daycare on Tuesday of this week. If you have a child in daycare your heart sinks EVERY TIME you see their number pop up. It is usually a phone call about your child being sick. I knew it couldn't be sickness related (I thought anyway), so my next thought was "uh oh what has he done?"

Who knew they were calling with EXCITING NEWS!!! It was his main teacher and she said I just want you to know he pooped in the potty today!! I started crying, not full on tears but just a tear or two. To say I was proud was an understatement! I asked her to put him on the phone and he said "HEY MOMMY" in his sweetest little voice. He melted my heart from the word HEY! I asked him if he pooped in the potty and he said Yes! Then he said "BIG GREEN TRUCK MOMMY, BIG GREEN TRUCK" I said yes buddy we will get your big green truck today!

Last week Garrett and I had a date night and we went to Barnes and Nobles. When walking down to the kids books they have about a million toys for kids his age to see on the way back. Brilliant on their part. Next time we will take the long way to get to the kids books. Garrett spotted a big green truck and fell in LOVE with it! I came up with a plan that we would get this truck IF he pooped in the potty. Well it only took a week, but he pooped in the potty!

He then pooped again that same night! We are on a roll!!!!!!!

BUT...he hasn't pooped since then. So now we have to consider taking it away and it makes me so sad to have to do that. I really hope that he will start pooping again. I will give him a few more days.

We are going to also consider going to the dollar store to get some random goodies for rewards when he will go poop in the potty. Ahhh being a parent sure isn't easy and fun all the time, but so worth it!