Sunday, July 7, 2013

May 2013

We had a BUSY BUSY BUSY May.  We were going about 100 mph during May.  There was a lot of fun, but also a lot of sadness.  My grandmother had moved to Greenville back in October of last year due to her health.  She moved from Greensboro where she had lived by herself into a nursing home surrounded by people.  It was a huge adjustment for her but it was so wonderful having her here the last six months.  She was such a strong Christian and influenced me in such a positive way.  I miss her a lot but know that she is pain free and celebrating big time in Heaven!  Her service was truly a celebration of life and was a great service.  It was nice spending time with family that we don't get to see on a regular basis.  Hopefully we will get together again soon.  This was a picture from Thanksgiving. 

During May we also had a BIG trip!  We went to Disney World!!!  It was amazing and I will be doing a separate blog post on that.  Can't fit it all into one.
We played a lot outside since it was starting to get warm.  There was a lot of rain (but not as much as we got in June...tons of rain in June).  Rain does mean getting the bike out and plowing through puddles.  We also had a quick trip to the beach for some quiet family time and it was jut what we needed.  Garrett also went on a fieldtrip to pick strawberries.  He had a blast.  I don't have any pictures from Mother's day, but we had a wonderful time!  We were traveling home from Disney on Mother's Day.  Here are a few pictures from May:

This is our "normal" set up for pool days...Sandy has hers, Garrett has his.  Excuse all the weeds...

Looks so grown...

He puts as much as he can in the pool with him

Fieldtrip to pick strawberries!

Garrett and all his friends from school....