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This post is long overdue!  Garrett started Kindergarten at the end of August.  We honestly were so very sad to leave his daycare because he had such amazing friends and we were very comfortable there.  As well as Garrett having all of his friends there, we had formed amazing friendships with the other moms and dads.  I was worried about Garrett being upset leaving his friends, but honestly I was scared of leaving my comfort zone!
Luckily before school started we all got together (almost all of us, some couldn't make it) and had an end of the year party at our local splash park.  Here are some pictures that still make me tear up just looking at these kids and all the fun they had!
look at that smile!  Sweet Addison and Garrett have been together since they were 8 weeks old or so

The boys waiting for the big SPLASH
the boys huddled up
The water was so much fun!!
They love each other SO MUCH
Carter was popular with the ladies :-)

Best buds since Garrett was 8 weeks and Rooke was 12 weeks old
These three always have a BLAST
Garrett dressed himself and at the end of the party we realized he had his pants on backwards!  Ha!!

Here are a couple of pictures from his last day of daycare.  His teachers were amazing! 
Back to school shopping and he wants to wear his pirate outfit.  Pick your battles
The day is not complete without ice cream!
Garrett's last day.  Carter got in the picture too.  Every morning Garrett's job was to bring the formula into Carter's teacher :-)  He looked forward to it every day.  I miss my little helper!
Ms. Jeanie was AMAZING!  He learned so much!!!
We got to meet the teachers a few day before school.  I was super nervous.  None of Garrett's friend are in his class.  Luckily he has met a lot some great new friends.
We found Landon at meet the teachers.  I love this picture of these two
Ms. Hunter, his assistant teacher
Ms. McLaughlin
Playing in the music room

Daddy joined in
Rooke & Garrett jamming out together
The Knittles!
The Dail's (except Carter)
Lunch room!  Probably one of his favorite places to be!!  ha!
We were able to walk him in for almost a month.  It was such a joy to be able to be part of his world.  I truly miss being able to walk him to his room.  I was able to meet some of his new friends and see their morning routine.  He is really doing so well and I am so proud of him. 
Seriously he was BEYOND excited!
Every morning they have to write their name and put it in a basket
They also journal each morning.  I can NOT wait to see his journal.  During the first three weeks I was able to see his journals and they are AWESOME!
First day of afterschool was a success as well!  We are truly blessed!
Most mornings we run into his friends from daycare and it is so wonderful!  I think it makes G's day!!
So far he has really done well.  We did get a call from the teacher the first week and I thought "Oh she must be calling to tell me how well Garrett is doing!"  Well not so much.  Apparently he was wrestling on the playground?!  WHAT???  Well we talked and haven't had many issues since.  He can either get a smiley face, a straight face, a sad face or a smiley face with an "A".  Smiley face with an "A" is the best you can get!   So far he's had 7 "A's".  The reason I know this is because we count them every day on the way home.  every day!
He has actually started to read and spell.  I am so proud of all he has learned! 

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